NT15:The Sixteenth International Conference on the Science and Application of NanotubesThe Sixteenth International Conference on the Science and Application of Nanotubes

C1 Tobias Hertel Cooperativity, critical length scales and selectivity of adsorbate - carbon nanotube interactions
C2 Navaneetha Krishnan Subbaiyan Aqueous Two-Phase Bench Top Separation of Carbon Nanotubes ・Beyond Single chirality Separations
C3 Shinichiro Mouri Optical Properties of van der Waals Hetero Structures Composed of Transition Metel dichalcogenides
C4 Zheng Liu Observation of in plane step-edge growth of graphene in a STEM
C5 Miho Fujihara Selective formation of zigzag edges in graphene cracks
C6 Aravind Vijayaraghavan Integrating nano-carbons with plasmonic and photonic systems
P86 Ana M. Diez-Pascual Quenching effect of carbon nanomaterials on the fluorescence of aromatic compounds
P87 Toma Susi Calculating core level binding energies for graphene and azafullerenes
P88 Tomasz Panczyk Carbon nanotubes capped by magnetic nanoparticles Molecular dynamics prediction of potential application as a drug delivery system
P89 Łukasz Kończak Sidewall functionalization of carbon nanotubes as a method of controlling structural transformations of the magnetically triggered nanocontiner A molecular dynamics study
P90 Pawel Wolski Molecular dynamics study of Congo red interaction with carbon nanotubes
P91 Ryuta Yagi Graphene made by exfoliation of graphite intercalation compound
P92 Bodo Fiedler Aerographite a taylored 3D multiscale tubular network
P93 Irwansyah Irwansyah The improvement of thermal properties of nanocarbon doped-elastomer
P94 Tianchi Chen Rational recipe for bulk growth of graphene/CNT hybrids: New insight from the in-situ characterizaiton on working bifunctional catalysts
P95 Takeshi Fujita Multi-functionality of three-dimensional nanoporous graphene
P96 Masako Yudasaka Light-assisted in-situ polymer formation on carbon nanohorns
P97 Kuo-Pin Yu Eliminating indoor ozone by titanian nanotubular photocatalysts
P98 Hitoshi Nakahara Computational brightness evaluation of carbon nano field emitter grown by field emission induced growth
P99 Laurent Alvarez Confinement into single-walled carbon nanotubes: supramolecular organization and physical interactions
P100 Duk-Hyun Choe Polymorphism of two-dimensional MoTe2: A density functional study
P101 Ha-Jun Sung Electronic properties of MoS2 on SiO2 altered by surface polarity and dangling bonds
P102 Keiji Ueno Growth and characterization of 1T’-layered transition metal ditelluride single crystals
P103 Pingan Hu Growth, electronics and optoelectronics of graphene and graphene-like layered materials
P104 Kazuma Oda Butadiene-bridged pyrene dimers: model molecules of bilayer graphene
P105 Hong-Zhang Geng Low-cost and high yield method for synthesis of ultrasmall uniform graphene oxide nanosheets and its applications
P106 Natsuki Namba The topological and electronic structure of starfish nanocarbon
P107 Zhizhou Yu The transport properties of WSe2 nanotube heterojunctions: A first-principles study
P108 Ziqian Wang CVD growth of monolayer Mo1-xWxS2 alloy
P109 Yu Kobayashi Growth and optical properties of high-quality monolayer WS2 on graphite
P110 Yu Saito Ambipolar insulator-to-metal transition and electric-field-control of thermoelectric properties in black phosphorus
P111 Alexander E Steinman A new borate approach for the synthesis of BN-nanotubes with a high yield
P112 Guo-An Cheng Catalyst-free, self-assembly, and controllable synthesis of graphene flakecarbon nanotube composites for high-performance field emission
P113 Shuqing Zhang The theoretical prediction of raman in new carbon materials
P114 Izaac D Mitchell Size dependent carbon aggregation during CVD graphene growth: a theoretical study
P115 Yoshiyuki Miyamoto Compressing interlayer distance of hBN without mechanical force: A new application of IR laser
P116 Chenxing Wang Fabrication of monolayer graphene on wide SiC terraces; an approach to produce pit-free and step-free graphene surfaces
P117 Hiroki Hiraide Formation of GNR from PTCDA
P118 Yongfeng Li Controllable growth of graphene film and its application in solar cell
P119 An Quoc Vu Electrical and optoelectronic properties of MoS2/WSe2 heterostructrure
P120 Mahito Yamamoto Tunable surface oxidation of atomically thin WSe2
P121 Yu Kobayashi Bandgap-tunable lateral and vertical heterostructures based on monolayer Mo1-xWxS2 alloys
P122 Hiroki Maegawa Electrical conductivity of doped three-dimensional graphene
P123 Mitsuhiro Okada Substrate effect on photoluminescence properties of tungsten disulfide atomic layers
P124 Sihan Zhao Two-dimensional metallic niobium disulfide (NbS2): preparation, optical characterizations and transport properties
P125 Masaki Sota Efficient growth of single-domain and millimeter-scale graphene by alcohol CVD method
P126 Anurat Wisitsoraat Direct synthesis of nitrogen-doped 3D graphene foam by inductively-coupled plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition
P127 Maria Iliut Effect of exfoliation processes on the flake size of graphene oxide
P128 Yenan Song Growth of large area graphene single crystal inside a restricted chamber by chemical vapor deposition
P129 Christophe Bichara Interdependency of subsurface carbon distribution and graphene-catalyst interaction
P130 Juha Riikonen Fast characterization and rapid CVD synthesis of graphene for all-graphene field-effect devices
P131 Ryota Negishi Band-like transport properties of reduced graphene oxide films
P132 Asahi Okawa Practical chemical vapor deposition of graphene with sub-millimeter domain size at ~100% coverage in tens of minutes
P133 Hironobu Hayashi Synthesis of acene for graphene nanoribbon with different bandgap
P134 Jeeny Shim Growth mechanism and controlled synthesis of single-crystal monolayer graphene on Germanium(110)
P135 Jumpei Yamada Precipitation of high-quality multilayer graphene using alumina barrier and Au capping layers
P136 Yuki Ueda Nucleation control of multilayer graphene by precipitation method using diffusion barrier and two-step annealing
P137 Youky Ono First-principles molecular dynamics simulations for the initial stage of graphene growth on stepped SiC surface
P138 Tomoya Kuwajima CVD synthesis of high-quality graphene using liquid gallium catalyst at low temperature
P139 Hideo Aoki Molecular-orbital view of the whole band structure of silicene in an extended Weaire-thorpe model
P140 Tetsuro Habe Spin-filtering effect at the atomic boundary on transition-metal dichalcogenides
P141 Junhee Choi Electrical characteristics of MoS2 flakes by catalytic etching via cobalt oxide
P142 Jani Kotakoski Amorphous 2D carbon structures
P143 Eunice Phua 2D Amino-based pi-conjugated nickel complex nanosheets
P144 Satoru Tanaka Semiconducting characteristics in self-ordered quasi-one dimensional graphene lateral superlattice
P145 Yi Liu Graphyne derivatives: nanocarbon materials based on sp and sp2 hybridization
P146 Annick Loiseau Spectroscopic properties of BN layers
P147 Zeyuan Ni Electronic structure of quasi-free-standing germanene on monolayer MX (M=Ga, In; X=S, Se, Te): density functional calculations
P148 Mauricio Terrones Hetero-structures in 2D systems: from doped monolayers to van der waals solids
P149 Shogo Sasaki Growth and characterization of W-doped NbS2 atomic layers
P150 Gang Liu Hexahydroxytriphenylene as a versatile and commercial exfoliant for 1D and 2D materials in aqueous and organic solvents through wet and dry processes
P151 Masafumi Inoue The role of water molecules in graphene synthesis
P152 Taka-Aki Yano Probing edge-activated resonant Raman scattering from mechanically exfoliated 2D MoO3 nanolayers
P153 Jiang Pu Electric double layer light-emitting diodes of monolayer WSe2
P154 Kaito Kanahashi Thermoelectric properties of CVD-grown transition metal dichalcogenide monolayers
P155 Shinya Hayami Graphene oxide as a super material
P156 Shohei Mori Two-step growth and characterization of WS2/MoS2 heterostructures
P157 Toshiaki Kato Photoluminescence study for highly-localized impurity state in monolayer tungsten disulfide
P158 Takashi Ishida Efficient restoration of highly crystalline graphene from graphene oxide by ultrahigh temperature process under reactive environment
P159 Keiichiro Matsuki Optical properties of CVD grown large-area WSe2 monolayer under high-density electrochemical carrier doping
P160 Katsuhisa Murakami Direct growth of large-area graphene on insulator substrate by chemical vapor deposition using gallium vapor catalysts
P161 Victor O Koroteev Electrochemical performance of MoS2 decorated CNT arrays
P162 Satoru Konabe Significant enhancement of the thermoelectric performance of phosphorene through the application of tensile strain
P163 Toshihito Osada Electronic structure of phosphorene under electric and magnetic fields
P164 Sandhaya Koirala Temperature dependent photoluminescence properties of monolayer molybdenum ditelluride
P165 Kotaro Honma Influence of electric double layer carrier injections on optical absorption spectra of CVD synthesized multi-layered MoS2 and WS2 thin films
P166 Mari Shibata One-shot K-region selective annulative pi-extention of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons for nanographene synthesis
P167 Hiroo Suzuki Fabrication of densely aligned suspended graphene nanoribbons array by plasma CVD and its growth mechanism
P168 Atsushi Ando Fabrication of MoS2 thin films on flexible substrates using water-based MoS2 nanosheets dispersion
P169 Haruya Okimoto Electrochemical exfoliation of graphite intercalated compounds
P170 Shuhei Fukuoka Electric field effect in layered strongly correlated materials A Ga2S4 (A = Ni, Fe)
P171 Reito Nagai Control of optoelectrical property of few-layer tungsten diselenide with mild O2 plasma treatment
P172 Nikolay I Verbitskiy Atomically precise semiconductor ï¿12 graphene and hBN interfaces by Ge intercalation
P173 Shuichi Murakami In-plane polarization in bilayer graphene nanoribbon induced by interlayer voltage
P174 Tomoki Machida Tunnel magnetoresistance in ferromagnetic layered dichalcogenide van der Waals junctions
P175 Yoshifumi Wada PN-type photodiodes of large-area WSe2 monolayer thin films
P437 Akinobu Kanda Influence of metal contacts on graphene transport characteristics and its removal with nano-carbon interfacial layer

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