NT15:The Sixteenth International Conference on the Science and Application of NanotubesThe Sixteenth International Conference on the Science and Application of Nanotubes

P176 Natalia Woznica Real-space analysis of diffraction data as a tool of structural characterization of graphene-like materials
P177 Carla Bittencourt Nitrogen ion implantation in carbon nanostructures
P178 Carla Bittencourt Plasma fluorination of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes: tuning wettability
P179 Sofie Cambre Asymmetric dyes aligned inside carbon nanotubes yield a large nonlinear optical response
P180 Sofie Cambre Chirality-dependent mechanical response of empty and water-filled single-wall carbon nanotubes at high pressure
P181 Cheng Yan Mechanical and thermal properties of graphene-polymer interfaces
P182 Masao Ichida Third-order nonlinear optical properties in graphene oxide
P183 Wen Yun Wu True-color real-time imaging and spectroscopy of carbon nanotubes on substrate by enhanced rayleigh scattering
P184 Shin-Ichiro Tanaka Momentum-resolved detection of the electron-phonon scattering in graphene by using ARPES
P185 Enkeleda Dervishi Raman spectroscopy on graphene-based multifunctional hybrid structures
P186 Pedro M F J Costa Structural and chemical evaluation of electrodes in nanotube-based electrical devices
P187 Riichiro Saito Ballistic and diffusive thermal conductivity of graphene
P188 Maria Brzhezinskaya Characterization of hydrogenated carbon nanotubes by core level spectroscopy
P189 Zhao Wang Tunable thermal transport in suspended graphene and carbon nanotubes through strain wrinkling
P190 Han Htoon Quantum optics of solitary covalent dopants in carbon nanotubes
P191 Pen-Cheng Wang Analysis of thermally induced C-N bonding in hydrazine-treated carbon nanotubes by synchrotron photoelectron spectroscopy
P192 Igor Bondarev Landau-Herring approach as applied to excitonic complexes in quasi-1D semiconductors
P193 Takushi Uda Electrical activation of dark excitonic states in carbon nanotubes
P194 Matti J. Hokkanen Improving the quality of carbon nanotube depositions through the use of mobile liquid interfaces
P195 Ikufumi Katayama Dynamics of coherent phonons in metallic single-walled carbon nanotubes
P196 Eddwi Hesky Hasdeo Interplay of electron-phonon and electron-electron interactions in gate modulated Raman spectroscopy of graphene
P197 Yukihiro Yoshida In-situ synchrotron X-ray diffraction study of ion adsorption on single-walled carbon nanotube inner and outer surfaces
P198 Damien B.A. Tristant Graphene doping mechanisms by iodine molecules
P199 Takeshi Nakanishi Electronic states in collapsed carbon nanotubes: Dependence on tube chirality and displacement
P200 Renjie Xu Chirality determination of carbon nanotubes using coherent phonon spectroscopy
P201 Da-Un Lim Optical properties of substitutionally boron-doped- and thermally boron-dedoped graphenes
P202 Yanting Shen Experimental detection of the squash mode and its polarization dependence in the extreme low vibrational frequency region of single walled carbon nanotubes
P203 Wataru Izumida Valley coupling in finite-length metallic single-wall carbon nanotubes
P204 Huafeng Wang Scanning electron microscopy imaging mechanisms of chemical vapor deposition grown graphene on Cu substrate
P205 Shota Suda Effects of nanoshapes on energetics and spin polarization in nearly zigzag-edged graphene nano-ribbons
P206 Jin Zhang Evaluating bandgap distributions of carbon nanotubes via scanning electron microscopy imaging of the schottky barriers
P207 Dongqi Li Metal-film-assisted ultra-clean transfer of single-walled carbon nanotubes
P208 Kengo Takashima Crossover between localization and delocalization in sub-100nm edge-disordered graphene nanoribbons
P209 Taichi Umehara Gate-bias modulation of charge-transfer rate in hydrazine-adsorbed graphene
P210 Qing Wang Fabrication and in-situ TEM characterization of freestanding graphene nanoribbons devices
P211 Xiaojun Wei Optical properties of high-purity single-chirality enantiomers of single-wall carbon nanotubes
P212 Nam Ngoc Thanh Nguyen Electron transmission through the stacking domain boundary on multilayer graphene
P213 Juan Yang Chirality-selective fluorescence enhancement of ssDNA-wrapped single-walled carbon nanotubes coated with gold nanoparticles
P214 Edyta N. Osika Two-electron ambipolar double quantum dots electrostatically defined in carbon nanotubes
P215 Takeshi Okochi Rayleigh scattering spectroscopy of various single-walled carbon nanotube samples
P216 Eunkyung Cho Highly selective and nondestructive purification of metal impurities from multi-walled carbon nanotubes using chloroform and acids
P217 Tomoki Yamashina Correlation between spin magnetism and catalytic activity in graphene oxide / nanographene
P218 Shibin Deng Imaging the density and type of horizontal carbon nanotube arrays by polarized optical microscopy
P219 Fang Lin Direct evidence for the quantized stepwise evolution of the chiral induces of individual single-walled carbon nanotube during its super-plastic deformation at high temperatures revealed by in-situ HRTEM
P220 Shojiro Takeyama Excitons in single-wall carbon nanotube revealed by ultrahigh magnetic fields of up to 350 T
P221 Alexander V Okotrub Optical absorption and luminescence of the half-fluorinated graphenes
P222 Krister Svensson Mechanical behavior of few-walled carbon nanotubes within and beyond the linear regime.
P223 Damien B.A. Tristant Sign inversion of the Fano coupling factor when crossing the optical energy transition in Raman spectra of KC8 and KC24
P224 Kaili Jiang Interface dipole enhancement effect and enhanced rayleigh scattering
P225 Yuan Liang Zhong Single-electron transport and quantum interference effect in suspended CVD graphene nanoribbon
P226 Subash Adhikari Chemically modified absorption quenching of graphene
P227 Alina Mrenca Influence of hydrogen edge passivation on the properties of graphene systems
P228 Dmitry I. Levshov The Raman spectroscopy study of inter-layer coupling in individual index-identified double-walled carbon nanotubes
P229 Emmanuel Flahaut Covalent versus non-covalent functionalisation of double-walled carbon nanotubes: a quantitative approach
P230 Ryota Yuge Preparation and characterization of fibrous single-wall carbon nanohorn aggregates
P231 Wataru Norimatsu Electronic properties of the closely-packed aligned carbon nanotube film
P232 Mari Ohfuchi Ab Initio study of reaction paths of molecular oxygen with (6,4) and (8,6) carbon nanotubes
P233 Akira Suzuki Magnetic interactions between nanographene host and guest molecules with localized d-electron
P234 Taiki Inoue Chirality evaluation of horizontally aligned single-walled carbon nanotubes by Raman spectroscopy
P235 Geunsoo Jang The role of substrates in graphene field effect transistors
P236 Hideki Kawai Transport property of highly aligned and chirality selected SWCNTs
P237 Masato Tominaga Onset potential for electrochemical oxidative corrosion on Sp2-carbon
P238 Ueno Hitomi The study of fullerene dispersion stability in organic solvent
P239 Keisuke Ishizeki Numerical study on inelastic electronic transport in submicron-length single-walled carbon nanotubes
P240 Atsushi Beniya Molecular dynamics simulation on RBM frequency of bundled SWNTs
P241 Kazuki Yoshino PL imaging spectroscopy of water adsorption and desorption on suspended SWCNT
P242 Pourya Ayria Photon energy dependence of angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy in graphene
P243 Kento Tada Theoretical proposal of determining crystal orientation in graphene by Raman spectroscopy
P244 Naoki Morishita Temperature dependence of momentum distribution in a correlated Dirac sea with the zero mode of a hydrogenated graphene vacancy V111
P245 Aaron Morelos-Gomez Spray coated graphene oxide/carbon nanotube films
P246 Ayaka Yamanaka Energetics and electronic structure of graphene nanoribbons
P247 Jun-Eon Jin Structural stability and electronic band structure of defective graphene with Zn atom
P248 Yuya Shimazaki Valley hall effect in electrically spatial inversion symmetry broken bilayer graphene
P249 Eduardo Nery Duarte Araujo Metal-insulator transition induced by disorder in graphene patterned with a helium Ion microscope
P250 Akinori Izumiyama Influence of the surface structure of substrate for proximity effect on graphene
P251 Takeshi Koyama Dynamics of nonequilibrium carriers in monolayer graphene probed by near-infrared photoluminescence
P252 Yoshitaka Fujimoto Energetics and electronic structures of substitutional B and N defects in bilayer graphene
P253 Hiromu Fujii Electronic structure of graphene nanomeshs with square, triangular and hexagonal nanoholes
P254 Katsuaki Sugawara Electronic structure of oxygen- and hydrogen- adsorbed graphene studied by angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy
P255 Dong-Wook Shin Effect of Si3N4 thickness on the optical characterization of graphene
P256 Tomohiko Igari Nanoscale evaluation of elastic force of graphene by atomic force microscopy
P257 Akira Endo Anisotropic magnetotransport of epitaxial graphene grown on vicinal SiC substrate
P258 Junro Takahashi Graphene-metal interaction investigated by raman spectroscopy
P259 Toshihiro Taen Thickness dependence of magnetoresistance under high-magnetic fields in graphite
P260 Solon P Economopoulos Synthesis, characterization and photophysics of graphene donor-acceptor nanoensembles
P261 Gunn Kim Decay patterns of localized states at reconstructed armchair graphene edges
P262 Seoung-Hun Kang Ab initio study of hexagonal boron nitride as a substrate for carbon nanotube-based devices
P263 Anastasios Stergiou Oligothiophene/graphene ensembles managing photoinduced charge-transfer processes: Preparation, characterization, photophysical and redox properties

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