NT15:The Sixteenth International Conference on the Science and Application of NanotubesThe Sixteenth International Conference on the Science and Application of Nanotubes

C11 Tsuyohiko Fujigaya Thermoelectric Flexible Film based on Cobaltocene-encapsulated Carbon Nanotubes
C12 Kazuhiro Yanagi Tuning of Thermoelectric Properties of Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes by Electric Doulbe Layer Carrier Injections
C13 Yang Wei Ice-Assisted Transfer of Carbon Nanotube Arrays
C14 Felix Pyatkov Waveguide-integrated light-emitting carbon nanotubes
P349 Teresa Gatti Controlling the functionalization of carbon nanostructures for energy related materials
P350 Pacharapon Kankla Synthesis of Pd nanoparticles decorated on Functionalized Graphene to Enhance Activity in Formic acid Electrooxidation
P351 Mohamed R Berber Fuel cell performance and durability of newly functionalized carbon nanotubes-based electrocatalysts at high temperature and non-humidified conditions
P352 Inas H Hafez Ultra-low platinum loaded-carbon nanotubes electrocatalyst with high fuel cell performance
P353 Baliram G Lone Investigation of carboxyl and hydroxyl groups at periphery of graphene
P354 Stephane Campidelli Carbon nanotube-templated synthesis of covalent porphyrin network for oxygen reduction reaction
P355 Stephane Campidelli Functionalization of carbon nanotubes for Li-sulfur batteries
P356 Yani Chen Transisitors based on double wall carbon nanotube and graphene hybrids for optoelectronics
P357 Jia-Yaw Chang Boronic acid-coated magnetic nanoparticles as a platform for carbon dots and doxorubicin conjugation
P358 Hai M. Duong Experiments and modeling: advanced multifunctional polymer composites using graphene aerogels and carbon nanotubes
P359 He Ma Freestanding macroscopic metal-oxide nanotube films derived from carbon nanotube film templates
P360 Tiva Sharifi Earth-abundant bifunctional 3D electrode based on nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes for efficient water electrolysis in alkaline medium
P361 Tiva Sharifi Hierarchical self-assembled structures based on nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes as advanced negative electrodes for Li-ion batteries and 3D microbatteries
P362 Shunsuke Sakurai SWNT paste for micrometer-thick, uniform, and wide-area SWNT film fabrication by coating
P363 Aravind Vijayaraghavan Graphene oxide selectively targets cancer stem cells across multiple tumor types: Implications for non-toxic cancer therapy
P364 Horacio J Salavagione Simple organic chemistry for wide functionalization of graphene as a strategy for incorporation in polymers
P365 Yasuhiko Hayashi Fabrication and properties of ultralight weight carbon nanotube yarn by dry spinning process
P366 Yang Wu Lasagna-like electrode by painting method for flexible thin film LIBs
P367 Haruka Omachi Template synthesis of nanodiamond polymers utilizing inner space of carbon nanotubes
P368 Yang Yu Ultra-stretchable conductors based on buckled super-aligned carbon nanotube films
P369 Tetsu Mieno Functionalization of carbon nanotubes and their application to obtain conductive cotton textile
P370 Jae Whan Cho Self-doped conducting polypyrrole-grafted graphene sheets synthesized by a click chemistry reaction
P372 Igor Bondarev Electromagnetic SERS effect in carbon nanotube systems
P373 Hideaki Numata Demonstration of pressure sensor sheet using printed carbon nanotube transistor array
P374 Weibang Kong Binder-free polymer encapsulated sulfur-carbon nanotube composite cathodes for high performance lithium batteries
P375 Ivan I Kondrashov Graphene and single-walled carbon nanotube films for gas sensor applications
P376 Saida Takahiro Development of ordered structural carbon composed from the graphene oxide
P377 Jianxin Geng Graphene/conjugated polymer composites and their properties
P378 Yukio Kawano Terahertz sensing and imaging with graphene and carbon nanotube devices
P379 Byeongguk Kang The sheet resistance dependent electromagnetic interference shielding effectiveness of flexible conductive adhesives
P380 Jong Seok Woo Fabrication of highly stable silver nanowire networks under current flow by in-situ interconnecting with single-walled carbon nanotubes
P381 Un Jeong Kim Modulation of Dirac point voltage of graphene by ion-gel dielectrics and its application to soft electronic devices
P382 Tetsumi Izawa Enhancement of thermoelectric performance of graphene nanoribbons by introduction of edge disorder
P383 Jong Seok Woo High-throughput fabrication of highly conductive composite fibers with long carbon nanotubes and silver nanowires by wet spinning
P384 Sian Fogden Addressing commonly overlooked specifications to produce high quality carbon nanotube TCFs
P385 Il Jeon Single-walled carbon nanotube film as electrode in indium-free planar heterojunction perovskite solar cells: investigation of hole-transporting layers, dopants, and flexible application
P386 Yoshimitsu Taniguchi Development of aqueous hybrid capacitor system using iodine storage reaction at carbon nanotubes electrode
P387 Misato Narubayashi Hybrid electrodes of self-supporting carbon nanotube films with MnO2 particles for electrochemical capacitors
P388 Ahmad Ridwan Tresna Nugraha Squeezed phonons in single wall carbon nanotubes
P389 Minfang Zhang Biodegradation of carbon nanohorns
P390 Shigeki Inukai Properties of high-performance resin nanocomposites using nultiwalled carbon nanotubes and the resin cellulation
P391 U Ishiyama Competition and cooperation between external and internal electric fields for carrier injection in carbon nanotubes with defects
P392 Yahachi Saito Characteristic field emission images reflecting atomic-scale structures in multilayered graphene electron emitters
P393 Yosuke Ishii Electrochemical magnesium storage properties of quinone molecules encapsulated in single-walled carbon nanotubes
P394 Nicolas Izard Active silicon photonics devices by degenerated pumping of s-SWNT
P395 Shohei Ishida Highly sensitive graphene photosensor toward single photon detection
P396 Ahmed S Ghareeb Structured SWNT films as hole transporting layer and electrode for perovskite solar cells
P397 Naoki Imazu Double-walled carbon nanotube transparent conductive film for next generation flexible device
P398 Yuki Okigawa Polymer organic-light emitting diodes on high-flatness transparent sheet with graphene films synthesized by plasma treatment
P399 Kyoungtae Kim Carbon nanomaterials negatively affect cell viability and gene expression
P400 Georgy Fedorov Carbon nanotube based Schottky diodes for terahertz radiation detection
P401 Kwang Pill Lee Development of a novel polymer cross-linked graphene gel for environmental applications
P402 Shunjiro Fujii Semitransparent organic solar cells using single-wall carbon nanotube thin films as top anode
P403 Yuki Sasaki Applications and preparations of graphene-sandwiched-type environmental cells
P404 Toru Iijima Properties of bias-induced on carbon nanotube fibers
P405 Jan-Kai Chang Fully solution-processed solar cells based on graphene anode and cathode
P406 Anurat Wisitsoraat Electropolymerized carbon nanotubes-polyaniline-3D graphene foam nanocomposite for supercapacitor applications
P407 Shohei Morohoshi Active site of nitrogen doped graphene for ORR in fuel cells
P408 Masatsugu Fujishige High-conductive wire of carbon nanotubes by floating CVD method
P409 Wenrong Yang Opening lids: modulation of lipase immobilizsation by graphene oxides
P410 Mariya Alexandrovna Kazakova Multi-wall carbon nanotubes - polypropylene composites produced by in situ polymerization method
P411 Guoqing Ning S-doped carbon materials with superior electrochemical performance in lithium ion batteries and supercapacitors
P412 Fan Yang Pd/PdO nanoparticles supported on carbon nanotubes: a highly effective catalyst for promoting Suzuki reaction in water
P413 Ryo Nouchi Gate-controlled photo-oxidation of graphene
P414 Ralph Krupke Cavity enhanced light emission from electrically driven carbon nanotubes
P415 Daiki Kobayashi Flexible carbon nanotube composite heater
P416 Anurat Wisitsoraat Flexible strain sensor based on CNTs/poly-dimethylsiloxane/3D graphene foam composites
P417 David J Drosdoff Monopolar charge fluctuation induced forces involving graphitic nanostructures
P418 Chuannan Luo Highly selective and sensitive electrochemical sensor for L-cysteine detection based on graphene oxide/multiwalled carbon nanotube/manganese dioxide/gold nanoparticles composite
P419 Zhaohui Yang Encapsulation of materials inside carbon nanotubes based on a CNT nano-porous membrane
P420 Yoshinori Rafael Kosaka Formation of Pd and Au metal nanoclusters supported on graphene
P421 Naoki Kishi Fabrication and characterization of transparent conductive thin films of single-wall carbon nanotubes coated with thin layer of conducting polymer
P422 Ze-Chen Zhang Current-voltage behaviour of single-walled carbon nanotube transparent conducting films dependent on temperature & voltage
P423 Liubov G Bulusheva Redox processes in supercapacitance performance of iron-filled carbon nanotube arrays
P424 Pavel V Fedotov Optical properties of hybrid materials based on separated metallic or semiconducting single-wall carbon nanotubes filled with CuCl
P425 Masahiro Matsuda Field emission properties of TiO2 coated CNT studied by in-situ transmission electron microscopy
P426 Radovan Kukobat Higly conductive and transparent SWCNT film produced by easy removable Zn/Al complex dispersant
P427 Florent Seichepine Array of 1024 LG-CNTFET biosensors integrated an a CMOS microsystem
P428 Masaaki Yasuda Control of Q factors of carbon-nanotube mechanical-resonators induced by electrostatic force
P429 Ryusuke Futamura Contraction of anion-anion and cation-cation distances of ionic liquids in nanometor pores of carbon materials by coulombic screening effect
P430 Yagang Yao Wafer-scale transfer of vertically aligned carbon nanotube arrays
P431 Hiroyuki Shirae Overcoming the quality-quantity tradeoff in dispersion and printing of carbon nanotubes by a repetitive dispersion-extraction process
P432 Keigo Otsuka Electrical burning of metallic single-walled carbon nanotubes in full length assisted by water vapor exposure and polymer film coating
P433 Kohei Masuda Phase slips in superconducting NbN nanowires based on suspended carbon nanotubes
P434 Kwang-Jin Lee Pressing mold and volatile urethane solution assisted fabrication of highly-densified vertically-aligned carbon nanotube membranes and their normalized water permeability and high pressure durability
P435 Katsuya Sato Control photoluminescence of carbon nanotube with silica toroid microcavity
P50 Akira Koshio Formation of carbon nanotubes filled with Cu-binary alloys and elution of encapsulated metals at low temperature

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