NT15:The Sixteenth International Conference on the Science and Application of NanotubesThe Sixteenth International Conference on the Science and Application of Nanotubes
Religious Information

NT conference series will be happy to accept many participants from different countries and cultures. Since Japan may not be good at accepting people with different cultures, Indonesian stundets studying in Japan make this page based on their experience for finding foods etc in Nagoya. We all hope that the information is useful for NT15 participants. If there are further questions or requests for other cultures such as vegetarian etc, please let us know. We are happy to update the page for you. Thank you.

Basic Information
Japan is a pleasant place to stay for everybody, including for those who have religious restrictions like Muslim people. Especially in Nagoya, there are several mosques (or other places of worship) and halal food shops. Japanese people are also welcome to understanding the different culture. In this page, you can find short but concise information about how to stay comfortably in Nagoya for Muslim participants of the NT15 conference.

Prayer Places
Basically, Muslim people can pray anywhere as far as the place is clean enough. However, for convenience, in the following we list up some possible places to perform prayer.

● Central Japan airport prayer room
There are two prayer rooms in Central Japan airport:
1. Non-restricted area: Arrival lobby on the 2nd floor.
2. Restricted area: International departure lobby on the 3rd floor.

Each prayer room is divided into two spaces so that men and women can pray separately.
Reservation and application are not required.
Reference: http://www.centrair.jp/en/whatsnew/pdf/muslim.pdf

● Nagoya Mosque (名古屋モスク)
Address: 2-26-7 Honjindori, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan 453-0041
Nagoya mosque is the main Islamic center in Nagoya city. Five times prayer a day, including the Friday prayer, is led by an appointed Imam. There are three nearest stations from which you can go there on foot、as explained by the maps below (Note: 名古屋モスク is Japanese name for the Nagoya mosque):

1. From Honjin Station of Subway Higashiyama line (most recommended way): about 6 minutes on foot.
Exit No. 3 and then turn right, few steps and turn right again. After walking for about 6 minutes, you can find the mosque on the right side.

2. From Sakou Station of Meitetsu line: about 9 minutes on foot.

3. From Nagoya Station: about 18 minutes on foot.

A particular view of the mosque from outside:

Reference: Nagoya Mosque webpage

● Nagoya Port Masjid
Address: 33-3 Zennanchō, Minato-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
Nagoya Port Masjid is another big mosque in Nagoya city. It is located in the area of Nagoya port and can be reached on foot about 18 minutes from Inaei Station.

View of the mosque from outside:

Reference: http://www.islam.co.jp/masjid/nagoya_port/index.html

● Prayer rooms in Nagoya University
There are no specific places to perform prayer in Nagoya University. However, if you find some unoccupied classes nearby which are unlocked, or open spaces which you consider comfortable (park, garden), then you can do prayer there for a short time (5-10 minutes) so as not to disturb other people. Some Muslim Nagoya university students usually perform prayer in a reading room of the Center for Student Counseling, which is located in the 1st floor of C2(2) building as shown in the Nagoya University campus map.

● Notes about "Wudu" (ablution/body cleaning):
Except in mosques, there are almost no dedicated facilities for doing Wudu. Therefore, it is advisable not to splash water too much if you perform Wudu in the washing area in normal restrooms. Please take care so that the next person (especially Japanese) can also use the washing place without any problems.

Halal Foods and Restaurants
There are many Japanese dishes in most Japanese restaurants that Muslims can eat without anxiety such as sushi, tempura, soba or udon noodles, fish and shellfish, etc. Pork is strictly forbidden in any case, so please be careful if you see any meat in the Japanese dishes that you order, you have to confirm by yourself. Beef, chicken, and other non-pork meat are basically not allowed to eat unless you can confirm that the slaughtering process is in accordance to the Islamic regulations.

"Mirin" (sweet cooking rice wine) is a common seasoning (alcohol) used in Japanese foods. This cooking wine evaporates when cooked and thus some Islamic scholars have concluded it is safe to be eaten. However, if you want to eat "halal-certified" foods (with halal label), you can also find those foods in Nagoya University CO-OP cafetaria (some specific cafeteria) and in some halal restaurants scattered around Nagoya city. Typical price in some affordable Japanese restaurants that can make your stomach full is ranging from about 400 yen (usually for breakfast set) to 1,500 yen (dinner complete set).

● Halal foods in Nagoya University CO-OP cafetaria
It should be noted that NOT all the CO-OP cafetaria in Nagoya University serve "halal-certified" foods. We recommend the South CO-OP cafetaria as shown by label B5(3) and B5(4) in the Nagoya University campus map. There it is served special halal meals such as baked chicken, soup, french fries, etc. Typical price is about 400 - 600 yen. You can also buy some good Japanese snacks in the CO-OP shop.

● Halal restaurants around the city downtown
Here we only list a few halal restaurants in Nagoya city. The list is just intended to help you find the restaurant that might be suitable for your purpose. We are not affiliated with nor do we have specific deals with these restaurants.
Maharaja Indian restaurant, 13F, Towers Plaza, JR Central Bldg., 1-1-4 Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya (Tel: +81-52-587-5755, Open hours: 11:00AM - 11:00PM, Set meal price starts from 1,000 yen)
Bunga Raya Malaysian restaurant, B1F, Asia Tairiku Academy, 4-1-11 Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya (Tel: +81-52−263-5152, Open hours: 11:00AM - 3:00PM and 5:00PM - 9:00PM, Closed on Wednesday and Thursday, Price of the foods ranges from 500 to 1,000 yen)
SamaSama Indonesian restaurant, 2F, Shinwa Bldg., 3-9-1 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya (Tel: +81-52-242-1220, Open hours: Sunday 6:00PM - 3:00AM, Tuesday-Thursday 6:00PM - 11:00PM, Friday-Saturday 6:00PM - 5:00AM, Closed on Monday and National Holidays, Price of the foods ranges from 800 to 2,000 yen)
For a more complete list of the halal restaurants, please check Nagoya Travel Guide for the halal food.

For Muslims staying in Japanese hotels, it should be noted that some hotels, especially Japanese-style hotels, only provide public (common) bathrooms shared with other customers. If this becomes a problem for you, please check in advance for the hotel that you are booking that it has a private bathroom or at least a closed shower (although it is a common shower).

Additional References

If you face any problems, you can contact any of the following persons by e-mail:

  • Ahmad Nugraha (nugraha@)
  • Syahril Siregar (siregar@)
  • M. Shoufie Ukhtary (shoufie@)
  • Pourya Ayria (pourya@)
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